Friday, 23 December 2016

Why pressure washers? Pressure washer types

Pressure washer machines are mostly used to do the most challenging cleaning jobs. Water under very high pressure is sprayed at a higher velocity which can even tear paint off from a wall if that is what is needed.

The best thing with these washer machines is that the pressure can be increased or decreased according to what you want. The most crucial accessory of such a machine is the pressure nozzle since it plays a very important role in making the machine essential and effective when cleaning.

There are various nozzles available in the market and each of them has a different purpose. The following are some of the best pressure washers as well as their features.

1. Electric cold pressure washers

This one works very well for various surfaces such as vinyl siding, awnings, brick and many others. The pressure can be adjusted so as to suit the surface and work when battling dirt, mould, mildew, mud and grime.

This type of washer is very ideal for large jobs especially if electricity is readily available.

2. Diesel cold water pressure washers

This is also among the best pressure washer machines. The best thing with this one is that it is portable and can handle jobs which may be very difficult and take a lot of time to complete. The machine is made to continue working since the job may take a while to complete.

The diesel engine is made from a car manufacturer like Honda. This means that the engine is made to keep on working. This type of washer can work without depending on a public water supply since it may not always be available.

3. Petrol cold water pressure washers

This type of washer can be used to do the jobs which are too tough. This washer has been designed to do harrowing tasks where the detergents may be needed.

This is a commercial grade pressure washer...

4. Hot pressure washers

There are some jobs which require hot water to ensure that the item is fully cleaned. This is because hot water can cut through the grime as well as thick adhesive substances very well. This is due to the capability of hot water to soften substances and thus it becomes easy to remove.

This machine can be powered using the hot pressure models like LPG gas and diesel.

In conclusion, the above are the best pressure washer machines available. It is therefore advisable you go for any of them and surely the one you will purchase it will work out greatly for you.